Refinery Life News December 2021

Welcome to The Refinery Life Newsletter

We are excited to be in our new home at 23 T.E. Peters Drive Broadbeach, Queensland 4218.

This is a great location, with many families living in the area directly around the building and we are looking forward to meeting some of them over the coming weeks and months, and inviting them to join us.

We will be sending this news letter out once per month to keep everyone up to date with happenings in the church.

9:30am Church, 23 T.E. Peters Drive Broadbeach

10:00am Online

Sunday 5/12/21 
BBQ immediately after church, 23 T.E. Peters Drive Broadbeach

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 8am
New Podcast available.

There will be no Christmas Day service, but on Boxing Day church will be as normal.

Pre Service Prayer Time, All of our Refinery family are welcome to join us at 9am.
We are seeing God do some amazing things.

Giving, we don’t do giving messages at The Refinery but come prepared to give, there are envelopes available at the giving table alternatively the church bank account details are,

Name: Refinery Life Australia BSB: 064214
Account Number: 10278828

Containers for Change, If you are collecting cans and bottles you can take them to Containers for change at Arundel. Our scheme number is C10227887, or bring them to church next week. This is a way that we can all contribute.

Many of you will be aware that we now have in excess of 165 orphaned children being cared for by our churches and Pastor Francis in Kenya.

Pastor Francis is doing a fantastic work feeding and clothing the local children and needy.

Two weeks ago someone within the church was led to give a substantial offering towards this work.
and this offering has already been put to good use purchasing food and essentials in our three locations.

At The Refinery we love that we can make an offering and within 24 hours it is on the other side of the world in the hands of the people needing assistance.

Let us encourage you, there is much more to be done to help these children and the wider community, as we have more and more children arriving every week.

If you have missed any of the messages over the past few weeks they can be found on YouTube or on your favourite Podcast app, just search for Refinery Life Radio.

We cant wait to see you all on Sunday

Stay in the blessings

Gary and Amanda

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