March 2024 Moving Further With The Lord

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Recently a large group of Refinery members attended the Moving Further With The Lord conference in Maleny.

One of the team Niko Leigh Olsim wrote this report.

Moving Further With The Lord Maleny Conference 2024
Maleny, an escape from the everyday grind, welcomed us with open arms. Its main street, adorned with colorful shops and buzzing with friendly faces, offered a refreshing contrast to our usual city pace. Nestled in a cozy B&B, we knew a day wouldn’t do Maleny justice. Armed with maps and a thirst for exploration, we set off, the lush greenery and fragrant air invigorating our senses. Simple meals, shared with friends and family, fueled our laughter and deepened our connection. As dusk painted the sky, anticipation for the conference mingled with a newfound love for this charming town, already whispering promises of a future return.
The Event
Walking into the “Moving Further with the Lord” conference, butterflies fluttered in my stomach. Newbie jitters, you know? The speakers weren’t just names on a program; they were vessels overflowing with knowledge, passion, and an anointing that touched all attendees. Their words weren’t mere lectures, but echoes resonating deep within our hearts, igniting a flame of understanding and purpose. The worship wasn’t just music; it was a collective exhale, a symphony of voices harmonizing in praise, lifting us into an atmosphere thick with peace and joy, washing away worries and filling the space with light. It wasn’t just a conference; it was a transformation, a tapestry woven with threads of revelation, connection, and the powerful presence of the Lord.
Stepping out of the ‘Moving Further’ conference, I felt transformed. Each speaker left an indelible mark, offering precious nuggets of wisdom that resonated deeply. Here are some key takeaways from each of the speakers:
Mark Johnson:
Mark shared about how supernatural Warfare has been a prevalent theme throughout human history, with stories of battles between good and evil spirits found in almost every culture and society. The belief in the existence of God that can influence the physical world is deeply ingrained in our collective consciousness.
One biblical account that illustrates this belief is found in Acts 5: 1-5, where Ananias and Sapphira lie to the Holy Spirit and are struck dead. This is a clear example of how spiritual forces can have a direct impact on the physical world, showing that the supernatural realm is not separate from our everyday lives but intricately connected to them. In Exodus 12:29, the story of the final plague of Egypt illustrates the power of God over the physical world. The death of the firstborn sons was a devastating blow to Pharaoh and his people, demonstrating that the spiritual realm can indeed influence events on a massive scale. Similarly, in 1 Kings 20:20-25, we see a battle between the forces of God and the forces of darkness. The victory of the Israelites against the Syrians can be seen as a manifestation of the divine will at work in the physical realm, showcasing the supernatural power that can be wielded in times of spiritual warfare.
As we move forward in our understanding of the supernatural, it is becoming increasingly clear that the boundaries between the physical and spiritual worlds are blurring. More and more people are recognizing that there is more to existence than what can simply be seen and touched, and that forces beyond our comprehension are at work in the world. The merging of the physical and spiritual realms is a reality that cannot be ignored. As we continue to engage in the ongoing battle of good versus evil, we must remain vigilant and steadfast in our faith, knowing that the forces of the supernatural are at work all around us
Anna Johnson
Anna beautifully unveiled the true essence of worship, exposing it as far more than simply singing. It’s an intimate, meaningful engagement with God, a dance of hearts. Her emphasis on sincerity and purity resonated deeply, reminding us that genuine worship fosters a deeper, more fulfilling connection with the Lord. Now, imagine the power of replicating heavenly worship! In Revelation 4 and 5, we witness an awe-inspiring scene: angels and elders, day and night, proclaim “Holy, holy, holy!” They cast their crowns, symbols of their dominion, before the throne. This paints a picture of complete surrender, absolute reverence, and boundless praise. Isn’t that the very essence of worship we yearn for?
While our earthly expressions may differ, lifting hands, singing praises, clapping, bowing, even dancing in adoration – all become pathways to connect with the our God. Remember, it’s not just the outward actions, but the sincerity behind them that matters. Let our worship, like the heavenly chorus, be an outpouring of emotions and devotion, a humble acknowledgement of God’s majestic greatness and His unparalleled worthiness to be praised. This conference ignited a burning desire within me – to strive for that heavenly worship, mirroring the scene in Revelation. It’s a journey, a continuous refining of our hearts and intentions. Together, let’s embark on this path, seeking genuine connection with the Lord through sincere, heartfelt worship.
Dr. Bruce Allen
As I listened to Dr. Bruce Allen, I learned that the journey of faith is often described as a narrow path, leading to the light and truth of God. Along this path, we are called to discover our true identity and purpose, and to walk in obedience to the Word. It is a journey that requires us to focus on developing Godly character and bearing the fruit of the Spirit, rather than simply relying on our natural gifting. As we navigate this narrow way, we are reminded that our obedience to the Word is essential in fulfilling God’s calling for our lives.
In 2 Corinthians 2:10, we are reminded that true obedience to God involves forgiving others and walking in love, even when it may be challenging. This reflects the character of Christ and the fruit of the Spirit, which are essential in our journey of faith. When we align ourselves with the character of Christ, we are better able to discern and follow the calling that He has placed on our lives. Matthew 4:4 emphasizes the importance of feeding on the Word of God, storing it in our hearts, and allowing it to guide our thoughts and actions. Similarly, Psalm 119:11 encourages us to hide God’s word in our hearts so that we might not sin against Him. This highlights the significance of immersing ourselves in the truth of God’s Word and allowing it to shape our character and actions.
In Luke 1:37, we are reminded that nothing is impossible with God. This reassures us that as we seek to walk in obedience and develop Godly character, God will equip us with the necessary gifts and abilities to fulfill His calling. It is not about relying solely on our own strengths and talents, but about trusting in God’s provision and guidance. Luke 9:45 and Luke 24:8-11 serve as reminders of the importance of heeding the words of Jesus and the testimony of the women who encountered the resurrected Christ. Obedience to the Word and a willingness to believe and act on the truth are crucial aspects of our journey of faith.
As we journey along the narrow path of faith, let us remember to focus on developing Godly character and bearing the fruit of the Spirit. Let us immerse ourselves in the truth of God’s Word, allowing it to guide our thoughts and actions. As we do so, we can trust that God will handle the gifts and abilities needed to fulfill His calling on our lives. May we walk in obedience to the Word, trusting in God’s faithfulness and His ability to lead us into the fullness of our purpose and identity in Him.
Pastor Jose Roco
Through Pastor Jose Roco, the Lord Told him about how In Isaiah 13: 11-13, the Lord is delivering a prophecy of the destruction of the land of Babylon. The Lord declares that He will punish the world for its evil deeds and will put an end to the arrogance of the proud. The imagery used in this passage is powerful and evocative, conveying a sense of impending doom and upheaval.
The poetic language of Isaiah 13: 11-13 serves to underscore the severity of the punishment that is to come. The Lord describes how He will bring disaster upon the world, shaking it out of its place and causing the stars and constellations to darken. The chaos and destruction that is described in this passage is a stark reminder of the consequences of disobedience and sin. The prophecy of the destruction of Babylon is a warning to all nations and peoples to repent and turn back to the Lord. It serves as a reminder of the power and authority of God, who judges the world with righteousness and justice. The Lord’s punishment is not arbitrary or capricious, but rather a necessary correction to bring about a restoration of righteousness and order.
In conclusion, Isaiah 13: 11-13 is a powerful and poignant reminder of the consequences of sin and disobedience. It serves as a call to repentance and a reminder of the need to humble ourselves before the Lord. The imagery and language used in this passage are meant to evoke a sense of awe and fear of the Lord’s power and might. May we all take heed of this warning and turn back to the Lord before it is too late.
Pastor Andy Tiplady
Pastor Andy Tiplady mentioned that In Daniel 9:24-25, the prophet Daniel receives a revelation from God concerning the future of the people of Israel. In these verses, God reveals to Daniel a timeline of events that will culminate in the coming of the Messiah. Daniel is told that seventy weeks are decreed for his people and his holy city, Jerusalem. These seventy weeks are generally understood to represent a period of 490 years. During this period of time, several key events are predicted to occur. Firstly, Daniel is told that transgression will be finished, sin will end, righteousness will be completed, vision and prophecy will be sealed, and an anointed one, or the Messiah, will come. This is a clear reference to the redemptive work that will be accomplished by the Messiah when he comes.
The prophecy also states that from the issuing of the decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until the coming of the anointed one, there will be seven weeks and sixty-two weeks. This period of time is usually understood to mean a total of sixty-nine weeks, or 483 years. This prophecy has been a subject of much debate among scholars and theologians, with various interpretations offered regarding the starting point of the timeline and the fulfillment of the prophecy.
Overall, the prophecy in Daniel 9:24-25 is a powerful reminder of God’s sovereignty and his plan for the redemption and restoration of his people. It serves as a source of hope and encouragement for believers, as they look forward to the coming of the promised Messiah and the fulfillment of all of God’s promises.
Personal Experience At The Event
As the conference drew to a close, one powerful message resonated with me: preparedness for the ‘last days’. The speakers didn’t paint a picture of fear, but rather one of empowerment. They emphasized building spiritual strength, resilience, and wisdom – tools to navigate future challenges. Their words resonated with Proverbs 22:3: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty.” We were encouraged to cultivate a deeper connection with God and each other, understanding that “a cord of three strands is not easily broken” (Ecclesiastes 4:12).
Being surrounded by like-minded individuals, sharing faith and values, was both inspiring and comforting. It served as a potent reminder that we’re not alone on this journey of spiritual growth. The Academy of Light fostered a safe haven for learning, fellowship, and deepening our relationships with God. We left not just equipped and empowered, but challenged and encouraged to step out in faith, embracing a life guided by God’s plan, not merely “business as usual.”

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