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Hey everyone I’m Gary Hoban and welcome to Refinery Life Australia.

The Inward Attitudes of a True Disciple is our theme for the next nine Sunday Mornings.

This series is based on the Beatitudes, found in the beginning of the Sermon on the Mount.

Today we are discussing, Questions about the Beatitudes.

Perhaps no sayings of Jesus are more familiar but less understood by the average Christian than the Beatitudes.

Most congregations could be classified as belonging to on for three groups on the basis of their attitudes toward the Beatitudes.

In one group there are those whose attitude is, Come to think of it, I don’t know what they mean. I’ve never tried to learn, and I don’t care.

Not many of this group come to church.

In a second group there are those whose attitude is, I have thought about the Beatitudes. I have wished I could have these qualities in my life, but this quest is not for me.

These ideals are too high. I cannot attain them.

A large percentage of the average congregation would fall into this group.

In a third group are those whose attitude is, The Beatitudes ar idealistic. Only Jesus ever exhibited them perfectly. Being meek and merciful and pure in heart are qualities we’ll have in heaven, but they aren’t for now.

Not so!

The Beatitudes are for the here and now.

If Jesus had not wanted these qualities to be exhibited in our lives until we get to heaven, He would have waited until then to tell us.

What about the Beatitudes?

What is the correct attitude toward these sayings of Jesus?

Consider three questions about them taken as a unity.

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Stay in the Blessings


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