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We are in a continual process of being changed into the image of Jesus Christ.

This month we are discussing Jacob’s son Joseph, I have titled this series “Lessons from Joseph.”

Today’s message is titled Without Purity We Cannot Please God.

Whatever immaturities Joseph may have had as a young lad, his dedication and genuine of character more than made up for them.

When Joseph arrived in Egypt as a slave, Potiphar, one of the Pharaoh’s chief officials, brought him.

Joseph immediately advanced in position and was soon responsible with many large responsibilities.

His trouble, however, began when his master’s wife tried to entice him.

Joseph refused, but she wouldn’t give up.

Later the wicked woman accused Joseph of doing the very thing he had consistently refused to do.

This incident, Joseph’s refusal to compromise his moral integrity, is possibly the most remembered fact about his life in Egypt.

If Joseph had yielded to the woman’s advances, the history of his life would probably have been very different.

He stood firm on his convictions and was forced to go to jail, but emerged victorious a few years later.

One interesting side note to the story is that Potiphar probably didn’t really believe his wife’s story.

If he had, Joseph would have been executed immediately.

When Potiphar placed him in jail, he was actually showing mercy.

There are several interesting lessons speaking to us from this story.

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