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Hey everyone and welcome to Refinery Life Church.

This week we continue our series titled “The book of Colossians” 

A devotional study of the Bible, chapter by chapter and verse by verse, has the potential for bringing great blessings into the lives of those who participate.

These messages from Colossians will take us from now through to the end of the year on Thursday nights.

Today we are talking about When God’s Word Dwells in You.

Several years ago a newspaper editor sent a letter to one hundred important men asking the one question, “Suppose you were sent to prison for three years and could take only three books with you. Which three would you choose?

Please state them is order of importance.”

Out of all the one hundred replies, ninety eight put the Bible first on their lists.

The Bible is an all time best seller.

The readers of the Bible have discovered that is not just a book of the month, it is a book of life, eternal, unchanging, ever dependable.

There is no reason, then, for surprise that the apostle Paul told the Colossian Christians to “let the word of Christ dwell in you richly.”

The Word of Christ could refer to Christ as the living Word.

For as John’s gospel points out, Christ is the eternally living Word.

But Paul could also have been referring to the written Word of God.

The words of Christ were being collected and circulated in that time.

Paul’s own words were gathered into the Bible, where they became the Word of God.

Colossians 3 focuses on Christian life.

Already we have given attention to some things that should be removed from, as well as some things that must be added to, the Christian life.

Under pinning it all is the fact that the Word of God should all the Christian’s life.

What happens when God’s word dwells in you?

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