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Every believer needs to know what the Bible says about spiritual issues.

For the next three months, “What the Bible Says” will be the theme of the Thursday evening messages.

Today’s message is titled What the Bible Says about Demons.

The subject of demons has run the full gamut in people’s thinking.

Some people become obsessed with the study of demons, allowing their imaginations to run away with them.

They see demons everywhere.

Some become self appointed exorcists and set about to rid their world of these tools of satan.

They tend to say that everything that is evil is because of demonic activity.

At the other extreme are those who deny the existence of demons, relegating them to ancient mythology or to an earlier era of ignorance and superstition.

The ancient Greeks believed that demons were the souls of people who had died.

Others have believed that demons are the disembodied spirits of a race of people who existed before Adam and Eve were created.

The Scriptures, however, make no mention of such a race.

It is the general consensus of conservative theologians that demons are the angels who revolted with satan.

They are also referred to as unclean spirits.

The King James Version of the Bible refers to them as devils, the proper translation of the Greek word is demons.

There is one devil but many demons.

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