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Hey everyone and welcome to Refinery Life Church.

We are in a continual process of being changed into the image of Jesus Christ.

Jacob, originally a crook, had a life changing experience with God.

Lessons from a changed man is this months theme.

Today’s message is titled We Reap What We Sow.

The eager lad went with excitement on his journey.

His steps must have been lighter as he anticipated the experiences of a new country.

With the help of the Lord, Jacob immediately found the country where his mother’s relatives lived.

The adrenaline must have been flowing in his system, because when he saw Rachel, he was able, by himself, to roll the stone from the well’s mouth, a task that usually required several men.

When he identified himself to Rachel, she was delighted to know him and ran to tell her father.

Jacob the schemer met his match in Laban, his mother’s brother.

Jacob remained as a guest for a month, but after that Laban suggested that a contract be drawn up for work.

Jacob proposed that he work seven years for Laban’s daughter, and at that time she would become his wife.

However, Jacob did not count on Laban’s craftiness.

The wedding feast was a great one, with all the customers of that day.

The morning after the wedding had been consummated in the darkness of the tent, Jacob discovered that he had slept with Leah, Laban’s elder daughter, rather than Rachel.

Of course he raised great objections, but Laban showed him the “fine print” in the contract and explained that it was a custom of their country never to give the younger daughter in marriage until the first born was wedded.

As a result, Jacob had to serve another seven years working for Rachel.

Naturally Jacob loved Rachel more than Leah.

However, God blessed Leah with many children.

It was a long time before Rachel bore even one child, and then she died giving birth to the second one.

Some great lesson stand out for us from this story.

Until next time

Stay in the Blessings

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