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Hey everyone and welcome to Refinery Life Australia.

Our theme for the next couple weeks is “The Seven Deadly Sins.”

These seven sins are inward attitudes that affect character as well as conduct.

Through Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit, we can be delivered from the seven deadly sins.

Today we are talking about The Sixth Deadly Sin, Slothfulness.

Slothfulness is not a common word today.

We use other words to describe the attitude of slothfulness, such as idleness, apathy, indifference, wasting time, sluggishness, procrastination, and laziness.

Actually, there are even more ways to describe this human condition, but you should understand the breadth of the problem by this small listing.

The sloth is a lethargic animal with course hair.

It builds no nest or home, sleeps eighteen hours a day, and wakes very slowly.

The sloth is so inactive that a green algae grows in its hair.

Some humans imitate the sloth.

Slothfulness permeates schools, the marketplace, the home, friendships, and Christianity.

Almost no area, except measure, seems to be immune.

Laziness is soundly condemned in the Bible.

Proverbs 21:25 says, The desire of the lazy man kills him,
For his hands refuse to labor.

Our text is very explicit, “If anyone will not work, neither shall he eat.”

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