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Hey everyone and welcome to Refinery Life Church.

In every congregation there is at least one person with a broken heart.

One function of the Pastor, the Shepherd is to help bind up the broken hearted.

The theme for our Tuesday evenings this month is “Is There Any Good News For Those Who Suffer?”

Today’s message is titled The Mystery of Pain and Suffering.

Some people see no mystery about the problem of suffering.

They believe that suffering is the result of an inevitable law that every cause produces an effect.

They would reason that suffering is due to some great sin the sufferer has committed.

Christians have a problem with suffering that non Christians do not have.

Christianity proclaims that God is love and that He loves the whole world.

If this is true, why does He permit undeserved suffering?

If God loves and if He has all power, then He should protect us from pain and suffering.

Some have sought to solve this problem by saying that those who suffer have been guilty of some sin and have brought God’s judgement on themselves.

This simplistic solution to a complex question is unsatisfactory and incorrect.

Between our entrance into life and our exit from life, we experience many kinds of pain and suffering, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, visible, invisible, recognised, and unrecognised.

Many suffer because of natural disasters.

Many suffer because of historical events and decisions that were made in the past.

Many suffer because of decisions and choices made by their ancestors.

We must also recognise that a lot of suffering comes to us because of our personal choices and the choices of others.

What does Jesus teach about pain and suffering?

Does Jesus have any good news for those who suffer?

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