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“Beneath the Cross of Jesus” is the theme for this series that consists of eight biographical sermons about the people who were there when Jesus was dying on the cross.

Today’s message is titled The Face Of Forgiveness, The Thief.

Everything about Jesus’ death was designed to bring Him suffering and shame.

His enemies crucified Him between two thieves for the purpose of humiliating Him.

They wanted to present Him as a common criminal dying with His kind.

As usual, Jesus turned the evil plans of His enemies into something good.

The presence of these condemned men provided Him with an opportunity to demonstrate His grace and forgiveness.

Though the two thieves came to the cross from a common background and hd perhaps been companions on sin, they responded to their situation differently.

While at first both of them joined the crowd in ridiculing Jesus, one of them soon made a dramatic change in his attitude toward Jesus.

The way that Jesus responded to the abuse heaped upon Him convicted the third.

It convicted him of his own guilt and of Jesus’ innocence.

The thief knew that he and his companion deserved death because of their guilt.

He also knew that Jesus was innocent of the charges brought against Him.

He could see that Jesus was different.

He was out of place hanging on that cross.

The way that Jesus was praying probably made an impression too.

He said, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

How could a man have such confidence in God in these circumstances?

There was just something about the way he said the word Father.

And surely He must be different to have such an attitude of forgiveness toward those who were crucifying Him.

All of these impressions led to the thief’s appeal.

In Luke 23:42 the thief said, “Lord, remember me when You come into Your kingdom.”

It was not a very strong appeal, but it was directed at the right person.

Beneath this simple request was an unspoken plea for forgiveness.

In mercy and love, Jesus answered in verse 43, “Assuredly, I say to you, today you will be with Me in Paradise.”

“Today” stood in contrast to a distant time in a future kingdom.

And the thief would be more than remembered.

He would be with Jesus in the dwelling place of God.

Jus assumed responsibility for all of the thief’s sins and granted him full, free forgiveness.

This incident is a beautiful example of divine forgiveness.

Forgiveness is the removal of our sins so they are no longer factor in God’s dealings with us.

We have no greater need than the assurance of God’s forgiveness.

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