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In every congregation there is at least one person with a broken heart.

One function of the Pastor, the Shepherd is to help bind up the broken hearted.

The theme for our Tuesday evenings this month is “Is There Any Good News For Those Who Suffer?”

Today’s message is titled How Do You Face Trouble?

Is there any good news for those who suffer?

In times when trouble strikes, we need to take inventory to see if there is any good news that can cheer our hearts and help us bear the burden of pain.

Trouble and suffering are facts of life that all of us must cope with sooner or later.

An incurable disease may afflict someone we love or even us personally.

A financial disaster may wipe us out financially.

A domestic tragedy may tear apart our home.

Fatal accidents occur on life’s highways, and there are dead end streets where all hopeful expectations are brought to a stop.

How should Christians cope with suffering and trouble?

When trouble comes, some people turn to religion, hoping it will deepen and strengthen their faith.

Others turn away from religion in disappointment and despair.

Still others turn against religion in hate and cynicism.

How do people cope with pain and trouble?

Some yell and scream and swear.

Some develop a headache and take a Panadol.

Some drink or take drugs that enable them to escape the pain of reality temporarily.

Some pray and trust God.

What will you do when trouble comes?

Will you turn to God?

Will you turn against God?

Let’s take a look at Job, the ultimate example of a man who struggled with suffering in the times before Christ.

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Stay in the Blessings

I really want to encourage you to be diligent with your Bible study time, because God has so much more for us than we can get from just going to church once or twice a week and hearing someone else talk about the Word.

When you spend time with God, your life will change in amazing ways, because God is a Redeemer.

Theres nothing thats too hard for Him, and He can make you whole, spirit, soul and body!

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When it comes to prayer, we believe that God wants to meet your needs and reveal His promises to you.

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