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Hey everyone welcome to Refinery Life Church.

Today we are starting a new series titled “The Joy of Being a Giver.”

The fun of receiving is so great that many people never really experience the joy of being givers.

Jesus taught that we are to be givers if we are to find the true joy of living.

Today we are talking about Give The Gift of Affirmation.

Jesus came into the world to give away something more valuable than anything else on earth.

He came bringing the rich gifts of God to the hearts and lives of all humankind.

He gave the gift of forgiveness and the gift of a new life.

He gave the gift of encouragement and the gift of truth.

He also encourages He followers to be givers of great gifts.

If we wait until we can give large amounts of money, we will never become the givers that our Lord would have us to be.

Today let us look at the possibility of giving the gift of affirmation others

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Gary Hoban

Refinery Life Church Australia