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Hey everyone and welcome to Refinery Life Church.

This month we are engaging in a devotional study of Paul’s letter to the Colossians, Our theme is “Concerning Colossians.”

Today’s message is titled A Witness to the World.

Professing Christians live a life of faith God and obedient response to the Holy Spirit, they also live in a world that is often hostile to Christ.

Their response to the world around them is crucial to their witness for Christ.

Too often Christians make the response of identification with the world.

They so closely identify themselves with the world that their lives can hardly be distinguished from that of non Christians.

Another response that Christians sometimes make is withdrawal from the world.

They try to shut out entirely the world around them and live in their own little, private, well protected world.

Neither of these is the proper response.

The proper response is for Christians to be responsible witnesses to the world.

We live in the world.

We make our living in the world.

We associate with people of the world.

Therefore, we should give a responsible witness of our faith to the world.

Our faith should be the guiding principle for our lives.

Our encounter with God in worship gives us strength and power for daily living.

Our character, growing out of our relationship of faith in God, gives silent but eloquent witness of the meaning of faith and salvation.

Through our very lives we are salespeople for lives or dies not by what happens in our churches, but what, as a result of the churches, goes on outside them.

That is what the apostle Paul meant by these two verses in the last chapter of his letter to the Colossians.

He urged them, “Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders”, meaning those who are outside the Christian fellowship.

He had both an offensive and defensive purpose in mind.

The defensive purpose was to protect the good name of the Christian community.

The offensive purpose was to go after outsiders and bring them in to the Christian fellowship and to faith in Christ.

This is still our witness to the world.

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