Proverbs 23:9

This verse in Proverbs gives advice about not sharing wisdom with fools and also tell us that God defends the fatherless. Verse 9 tells us not to give wise advice to a fool because he will simply despise it. In The Dictionary, we find this definition of a “fool.” 1.) a person with little or no judgment, common sense, wisdom, etc.; silly or stupid person; simpleton. The Hebrew definition of a “fool,” in Old Testament Word Studies, carries the same meaning, with the added element of one who is rebellious with a will too hard for his understanding, and no reason for what he does.

Since he is a fool, he not only will not listen to reason, he will despise wisdom. A person would waste their time and breath, even if they tried to speak to them about a situation. A fool is self confident, while a wise man will listen and weigh things out according to the Word of God. That is the reason he is a wise man; he gets his wisdom from God. whenever I need to see if something is of God or not. I pray and ask Him, By doing that, it has saved me from many problems as the Lord filters out anything that is not of Him and if it gets through, then I can proceed with it.


  1. Ian Watson says

    Thank You Gary for your commentary on Proverbs 23:9. I found it very helpful.

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