Good Company

Good Company

2 Corinthians 8:16-23 (NKJV)

Collection for the Judean Saints

But thanks be to God who puts[a] the same earnest care for you into the heart of Titus. For he not only accepted the exhortation, but being more diligent, he went to you of his own accord. And we have sent with him the brother whose praise is in the gospel throughout all the churches, and not only that, but who was also chosen by the churches to travel with us with this gift, which is administered by us to the glory of the Lord Himself and to show your ready mind, avoiding this: that anyone should blame us in this lavish gift which is administered by us, providing honorable things, not only in the sight of the Lord, but also in the sight of men.

And we have sent with them our brother whom we have often proved diligent in many things, but now much more diligent, because of the great confidence which we have in you. If anyone inquires about Titus, he is my partner and fellow worker concerning you. Or if our brethren are inquired about, they are messengers of the churches, the glory of Christ.


The apostle Paul followed the same principal in his missionary journeys. Whether he was sailing the Mediterranean or traveling through Asia Minor, he always had someone to work with in ministry, Barnabas, Silas, Titus, Timothy. Paul made an investment in each one. He mentored and challenged them to live out God’s purpose for their lives. And at the right time, these men moved on to equip others.

When it comes to ministry, we never have to go it alone, God has given us co labourers, people who we can take a deep interest in and spur on to great things. Take a look around you. Find someone in your church you can support and challenge as a partner in the gospel.

Good Company

Through a faithful investment in others, you can partner with someone and climb higher or dive deeper into God’s ministry.

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