God called us to rule and reign in life not for life to rule and reign over us.

God called us to rule and reign in life not for life to rule and reign over us.


How hard was it for Jesus?
Today I want us to think about that!
To begin with, it meant a physical separation from the intimate relationship he had with his father.
He had to leave all of his heavenly glory behind, and live through our emotional up and down existence.
He had to fulfil in detail all the Old Testament prophesies, whether he’d read about them or not. Even his birth, his fleeing to Egypt and being raised in Nazareth.
He had to be born human, be born as a baby, vulnerable and helpless, and experience the sin of the world as we know it, and as we feel it.

God called us to rule and reign in life not for life to rule and reign over us.

He had to give up all the things we consider as earthly rights, justice, mercy were denied him.
He had to give up his own will completely, and do only what the father wanted him to say and do. He had to live 100% for others, and not for himself.
He had to live with no permanent address or roof over his head, living of the support of others, no stability at all, as we would say. “Birds have nests and foxes have holes but the son of man has nowhere to lay his head.”
He had to live without a wife and kids. “Who can speak of his offspring.”
He had to be sinless. He had to live in our filth, and destructive habits, and remain sinless.
He had to live knowing how he would die, and even on which day he would die because it had to be at the time of the Passover, to fulfil Scripture.
He even knew that he would be crucified on a cross. “When you see the son of man lifted up . . . ” He had to overcome death. Defeat the devil. Rise from the grave, and send the Holy Spirit.
He had to leave his friends behind, knowing that they would also be killed for their faith.
Through all this he had to love all of his enemies.
What a great friend this is. Our brother, our Saviour, our redeemer, our High Priest our God and our friend.

God called us to rule and reign in life not for life to rule and reign over us, its up to us to walk in His call

Becoming a Christian is like going to court and the judge finding no charges against you. God doesn’t see your sin.

Hopefully, at the end of this year you will be able to say, “My relationship with God has deepened and matured, my marriage is considerably better, my family is more secure, my involvement and commitment to church life has grown, my gifts and ministries are being exercised and I have a good testimony at work, where I am a witness for Jesus Christ.” The plans of a righteous man will cause these things to happen for you in this coming year!

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