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Today we are continuing our series based on the book of Exodus, that reveals God’s concern for His people.

The series is titled “The God Who Reveals Himself in Times of Need”

Today we are discussing The Tabernacle.


Exodus 29:43-46 (AMP)

43 There I will meet with the Israelites, and the Tent of Meeting shall be sanctified by My glory [the Shekinah, God’s dwelling presence]. 

44 I will sanctify the Tent of Meeting and the altar [of burnt offering]; also I will sanctify Aaron and his sons to serve as priests to Me. 

45 I will dwell among the sons of Israel and be their God. 

46 They shall know [from personal experience] and acknowledge that I am the Lord their God who brought them out of the land of Egypt so that I might dwell among them; I am the Lord their God.

Scripture Reading

Exodus 35:1-40-38 


A vital part of a military pilot’s training is survival.

Pilots face the possibility of being shot down and having to eject from their aircraft.

In many cases, pilots have had to land in a deserted area where they need to know  how to survive in a hostile environmant.

A survival kit is part of a pilot’s basic equipment.

God gave Israel a means of survival.

The Israelites were destined to wander the desert from Mount Sinai to the land of Canaan for forty years.

They never would have survived the years of wilderness living had not God accompanied them and watched over them day and night.

The tabernacle symbolised survival.

Worship is the survival kit for people in the twenty first century.

It helps us cope with the stress of our time.

Let’s look at some important truths the tabernacle teaches us.

  1. The tabernacle symbolises God’s presence.

The word tabernacle means dwelling place.

In Hebrew the word came from a word that meant “to encamp.”

The general view of the Old Testament is that the Lord’s permanent dwelling place is in heaven, but He “tabernacles” with people.

The portable desert tent known as the tabernacle symbolised God’s presence.

  1. God’s continual presence.

Two defective ideas about God are common among us today.

One sees God as the creator of the universe who walked away from His creation.

The second view sees God only as an occasional visitor.

He intervenes from time to time in the world’s affairs and then withdraws again.

The presence of God in the tabernacle suggested God’s continued presence.

The Israelites looked at the tabernacle and were assured that God was eternally present with them.

Wherever they went, God went with them.

B. God’s comforting presence.

Humans in todays world have the idea that they can survive life by their own strength.

Israel knew that they could not cope with the dangers of the wilderness without divine help.

Each time they looked at the tabernacle, they were comforted to know that God lived with them.

Try as we might, we cannot survive in today’s world without God’s help.

We need the Lord who is beyond ourselves.

2. The tabernacle teaches the precepts of God.

The construction of the tabernacle involved intensive preparation, the construction (Verses 36:8-38), the making of the ark and the mercy seat (verses 37:1-9), the making of the table for the shew bread (verses 37:10-16), the making of the golden lamp stand ( verses 37:17-24), the making of the alter of incense (verses 37:25-28), the preparation of the incense (verse 37:29), the building of the alter (38:1-7), the making of the laver (38:8), the erection of the court (38:9-20), the sewing of the priestly garments (39:1-31), the blessings of the people for their work (39:32-43), the location of furnishings in their place (40:1-33), and the filling of the tabernacle with God’s glory (40:34-38).

  1. The instructions of the Lord.

Another important truth that emerges about the tabernacle is that God gave detailed directions and specifications for its construction.

This was because the Lord would use the tabernacle to teach His precepts.

We, too, must listen carefully to the instructions of the Lord.

B. Obedience to the Lord.

One of the aspects of the tabernacle construction is the obedience of the people.

Moses said in Exodus 35:4 (AMP)

4 And Moses said to all the congregation of the sons of Israel, “This is the thing which the Lord has commanded:

From that pint onward until the end of Exodus, the reader is amazed to discover the obedience of the people to the precepts of God.

The only way to survive in today’s world is to discover God’s will and determine to obey Him.

3. The tabernacle utilises the priests of God.

Attention  is given in exodus to the priests who were to minister at the tabernacle.

Chapter 29 is devoted to their ordination.

Chapter 39 is devoted to the priestly dress.

  1. The inward cleansing.

The elaborate consecration of the priests recorded in Exodus might cause us to think this does not apply to us.

But it does.

Before the priests could be involved in service for God, ceremonial washing, robing, and anointing were necessary, which suggests that before one could minister, one must first have in their own life the experience through which he sought to lead others.

B. The outward service.

Priests had a variety of functions.

They offered sacrifices, made various offerings for the people, burned incense, and preached God’s word.

Regardless of what they did, they did it to glorify God and to help people.

Every Christian is a priest before God.

Revelation 1:5-6 (AMP)

5 and from Jesus Christ, the faithful and trustworthy Witness, the Firstborn of the dead, and the Ruler of the kings of the earth. To Him who [always] loves us and who [has once for all] freed us [or washed us] from our sins by His own blood (His sacrificial death)— 

6 and formed us into a kingdom [as His subjects], priests to His God and Father—to Him be the glory and the power and the majesty and the dominion forever and ever. Amen.

God uses Christians to minister to others.

Survival in today’s world depends on Christians being priests.

We need to help others, and we need the help given to us by others.


We face survival in an alien world.

Like Israel of the Bible, we need to discover the worship of God.

When we walk with Him, we discover His presence, His will for our lives, and His task for us.

Until next time

Stay in the Blessings


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