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This is a shortened Testimony delivered to a Mens breakfast at the Bowen Christian Family Center

Before Christ

I always knew of Christ but generally chose to ignore Him. I was depressed and and in medication for it and abused both drugs and alcohol, doing what I wanted when I wanted. I had high paying jobs in the finance and insurance industries as a senior manager with multinational companies. But no matter how much I was earning and playing I couldn’t fill the hole in me. I had two young kids and a now ex-wife who was addicted to spending money.

I hit the breaking point one night knowing my marriage was over partly because of my actions but because my then wife was having an affair. I was drunk and high and was walking around the estate we lived in with a rope looking for a tree to hang myself from. The only things that stopped me from following through were constantly thinking about the kids and a fact that I hadn’t noticed before even though I had lived in the estate for over a year that there were no trees higher than about one metre anywhere, I had also over the years been lucky enough to have a few people speak into my life but like I had with Jesus I had chosen to ignore them.
How You Met Christ
That night with what seemed to be no way out given I had chosen to live in a treeless estate I sat in the gutter and cried for hours, none was around as there were very few houses at our end of the estate but I felt comforted the whole time, I knew Jesus was with me and that in time everything would work out if I was willing to follow Him. This was going to be harder than it sounded but I had nothing left other than faith. soon after my now ex wife and I separated which was strangely a relief. About a year later I met my now wife Amanda and on the very first weekend we met she took me to Metro church on the Gold Coast, I was christened Church of England as a child and my kids went to a Catholic school but the day I walked into Metro I knew I had found where I needed to be.

After Christ
Things didn’t change over night but I knew everything would be right. I stopped taking my anti depressants and my addictions were gone. I had a beautiful new partner who was walking a Christian walk so I wasn’t going to be alone. I asked God for forgiveness for all my Sins and we eventually moved to Bowen. again the first weekend we were here we chose to go to Bowen Christian Family Centre which strangely enough was the furthest church from where we lived. as soon as we walked in the door it felt like home. I am now aware that the calling on my life is to be a Pastor and minister to others especially those who have been through or are going through what I have. I try my best daily to walk with Jesus and be more like Him.
Between myself and Amanda we have done almost everything we shouldn’t and are convinced we now have a calling to help people like we were. I now have a calmness about me I have never had and know that God will always provide and I can help others improve their lives by pointing them to the cross.


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