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Today we are going to talk about, Making the best Decisions.
What if you are uncertain about an important decision that you have to make?
How can you feel God’s input?
Here are four things you can do that are helpful for those times that you need guidance and wisdom.
What does the inspired word of God command?
Seek competent and wise councillors
What are the circumstances of the decision to be made and what are the changing conditions?
And finally use your conscience aided by the Holy Spirit.
God can use any or all of these things to give you direction, if you are ready to listen.
It may take time, but that’s OK.
Make use of the resources God provides for you to make informed choices that honour and glorify Him.
Ask God today to help you make wise decisions that glorify Him.
Ask God to help you keep your eyes and ears open so you can learn from Him and honour Him in all that you say and do.
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Stay in the blessings
I really want to encourage you to be diligent with your Bible study time, because God has so much more for us than we can get from just going to church once or twice a week and hearing someone else talk about the Word.
When you spend time with God, your life will change in amazing ways, because God is a Redeemer.
There’s nothing that’s too hard for Him, and He can make you whole, spirit, soul and body!
You’re important to God, and you’re important to us at
When it comes to prayer, we believe that God wants to meet your needs and reveal His promises to you.
So whatever you’re concerned about and need prayer for we want to be here for you! Or even if you just want to say Hi, you can contact us
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