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Hey everyone I’m Pastor Gary Hoban and welcome to Refinery Life Australia.

Today we are starting a new series based on the book of Exodus, that reveals God’s concern for His people.

The series is titled “The God Who Reveals Himself in Times of Need”

Today we are discussing God Will Take Care Of You.

Exodus 2:23-25 (AMP)

23 Now it happened after a long time [about forty years] that the king of Egypt died. And the children of Israel (Jacob) groaned and sighed because of the bondage, and they cried out. And their cry for help because of their bondage ascended to God.

24 So God heard their groaning and God remembered His covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Israel).

25 God saw the sons of Israel, and God took notice [of them] and was concerned about them [knowing all, understanding all, remembering all].

Scripture Reading

Exodus 1:1-2:25 (AMP)


The experiences of God’s people in Egypt teach many truths about God.

One of the most delightful traits of God is His providence.

God took care of Israel from their first moment in Egypt until their movement out of Egypt.

Jacob’s family came to Egypt to escape a famine in the land of Canaan.

There they were reunited with Joseph, the son of Jacob, who had been sold by his brothers.

Joseph had attained a high political standing in Egypt.

Pharaoh gave Joseph’s family the land of Goshen as a place of permanent residence.

For several years the Israelites prospered and multiplied.

After Joseph’s death, another Pharaoh was threatened by the Israelites, so he forced them into hard labour.

The good life of Israel turned to disappointment.

God had displayed His providence in past years.

The Israelites had experienced the marvellous care of God.

Now, during the atrocious experience of an arrogant Pharaoh, God displayed himself as the God who would ultimately take care of His people.

The providence of Good prevails over those who trust Him.

Let us look at some insights about the providence of God.

God’s providence endures time. Exodus 1:1-7.

Often, as time passes, it seems that God has forgotten His people.

Time lapsed, and God’s people grew weary with a day by day existence of bondage.

The apparent silence of God

The care of God seemed evident to Jacob and his sons when they were reunited with Joseph.

The family of Jacob could easily detect the care of God over Joseph.

They could see God’s care over them as He led them to Egypt for food and a family reunion.

The family of Jacob died.

Exodus 1:6 (AMP)
6 Then Joseph died, and all his brothers and all that generation,

Jacob’s offspring belonged to the family of God.

They inevitably wondered if God cared for them.

They heard about God’s great care and concern over their family.

Now they wondered if God had forgotten them.

God was apparently silent over their Egyptian bondage.

During critical times in the lives of God’s people, we often feel that God is silent.

This is especially true during times of injustices from others when we wish that God would act immediately.

B. The inevitable working of God.

The story of Israel’s bondage in Egypt demonstrates that God works in His time.

In the providence of God, He did not deliver them with the first cry of bondage.

God moves and works in His way.

Israel wanted immediate action, but God worked on His own time schedule.

For hundreds of years He allowed the people to multiply.

Then He selected and prepared a leader.

Time does not erase God’s providence.

God may appear silent at times, but He is always working.

God will inevitably work for His people.

2. God’s providence withstands assaults. Exodus 1:8-22.

During times of assault, the enemy seems stronger than God.

To the Israelites, Pharaoh’s strength seemed stronger than Jehovah’s might.

further investigation into God’s providence demonstrates that God is stronger than any enemy.

The assault of the enemy.

God permitted Pharaoh’s assault on Israel.

During the time of pharaoh’s persecution, the people groaned and questioned the strength of the Lord.

Pharaoh used three methods to destroy Israel.

First, he sought to break their spirit by making the Hebrews a servant people in Exodus 1:8-14.

Second, he sought to persuade Hebrew midwives to betray their own blood in Exodus 1:15-21.

Third, he attempted to destroy all the male children born to a Hebrew family in Exodus 1:22

Without a doubt, Pharaoh’s power seemed preeminent.

B. The power of God..

God is stronger than any foe.

The entire Exodus story demonstrates the superiority of God over any power.

Two Hebrew midwives, Shiphrah and Puah, expressed their faith in God’s supremacy by refusing to obey Pharaoh’s order to kill Hebrew babies at birth.

These women saw a King greater than pharaoh.

3. God’s providence defied explanation. Exodus 2:1-25.

Reading the birth account of Moses causes us to realise the unseen forces of God at work.

There can be no logical human explanation for the events surrounding Moses’ birth and life.

God’s providence defies explanation.

God’s intervention.

Since the call of Abram out of Ur of the Chaldees, God had a special purpose for Israel.

During the years of the patriarchs, he worked out His plan.

God’s plan of deliverance seemed to be reduced to a slender thread, just a tiny baby set adrift on a river in a fragile basket.

But God was going to execute His intention through the means of unlikely prospects.

B. God’s miraculous works.

The events surrounding the birth of Moses are filled with the strange working of God.

God preserved a baby from Pharaoh’s murderous plot and even saw that Moses was discovered by Pharaoh’s daughter.

Furthermore, he provided Jochebed, Moses’ mother (Exodus 6:20), to raise him in the ways of Jehovah.

We cannot look at the events in Exodus 2 without acknowledging God’s marvellous providence.

It defies explanation.


You need not be worried in troubled times.

God will take care of you.

He will provide His strength, and you will experience His unseen power at work in your life.

Until next time

Stay in the Blessings


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