As we come around the time of giving I thought I would share some phenomenal numbers with you just to show what can be done through faithful tithing and giving.
In the last 2 years 120 Australian Christian Churches missionaries have planted 271 churches (additionally 110 have been planted in Australia )
Because of these missionaries 22,156 people have been saved, 2,228 people were water baptised, 3,422 people were baptised in the Holy Spirit. They trained 12,318 leaders, 55,047 children were assisted, and through development projects 257,663 people have been assisted. That’s 120 people have been able to help over a quarter of a million people and introduce them to Jesus.
Now I’m not saying we should all go and become missionaries or send our money and finances to them but just think about it, it costs money to run a church and help people and if 120 people world wide can assist over 257,000 people what can we as a church of God loving Christians do? Before the bags come around tonight lets pray! Put you hand on your tithe and raise it up to God, and if your not sure what to give remember God loves a happy giver and raise your hands and ask God what He wants you to give.
Let’s pray