Stand Firm

Are you facing pressure to give up on Jesus? Opposition. We all face it in some form at some stage or another. And if we’re Christians, Jesus has promised that we’ll face it. 

For you, it might be atheist friends making you feel stupid for believing in God, who we

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Proverbs 23:9

This verse in Proverbs gives advice about not sharing wisdom with fools and also tell us that God defends the fatherless. Verse 9 tells us not to give wise advice to a fool because he will simply despise it. In The Dictionary, we find this definition of a “fool.” 1.)

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Conquering Heroes

1 Samuel 17:1-53 David’s short battle with Goliath was more than a fight between Israelites and Philistines. It was a defense of Jehovah’s name against those who doubted His supremacy. As David pointed out, the only way a boy with a sling could defeat a giant warrior like Goliath was

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